Team Building Activities for Charity To The Rescue

Team Building Activities for Charity To The Rescue

Team building activities for charity can make the winter of 2016 seem a little less brutal and a little more survivable for many needy families in your community. This winter has been a nightmare, not just because of the arctic blasts and blinding blizzards millions of us have endured, but because of the number of house fires this horrific weather has caused. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 600 people have died this winter due to house fires.

Team Building Activities for Charity To The RescueFireplaces, propane heaters and space heaters used to survive frigid temperatures often spark fires that destroy homes and wreck lives. For thousands of traumatized families, the new normal can be too much to bear, especially if they have children. That’s where you can help. Your colleagues can participate in team building activities for charity that will transform the lives of some anxious young victims as well as your own lives.

Your local emergency responders – police and firefighters – do more than battle crime and blazing fires. They often respond with a little TLC – and what child who’s lost his favorite toy doesn’t need a dose? These brave men and women are first on the scene of some horrendous life-altering experiences, and they’re often just as eager to help with the emotional recovery as well.

So join them! Your team building activities for charity could be a partnership with Rescue Buddies – a program that brings the captains of industry in your community together with municipal police officers and firefighters to provide stuffed animals to children who’ve lost everything.

Each stuffed animal you donate will include a birth certificate, and it will be tucked safe and snug in a cute Rescue Buddies backpack – a total package of heartfelt kindness that will comfort a sorrowful and frightened child whose future seems so uncertain. It’s a small gift that will be a big deal to a child for whom you and your team will become heroes.

The great thing about team building activities for charity is how high the level of reciprocity soars. You get back so much more than you give – in developing relationships with coworkers, in learning how to work together beyond the four walls of the office, and in making a solid connection with your community.

Sometimes it may seem as if the easiest way to deal with daily headlines full of tragedy and sorrow is to turn away. But there’s another way, a kinder, more meaningful and more gratifying way to respond. Think about how you’d want your neighbors to respond if you were in dire straits. Be the blessing in someone else’s life that you’d want your neighbors to be for you.