Team Building For Charity The True Meaning of Giving

Team Building For Charity: The True Meaning of Giving

Look in your purse, pocket or desk drawer, and ask yourself two questions: 1) Where did all those pens and paper clips come from, and 2) How much did they cost? Chances are you don’t know the answers. Pens, pencils and other office supplies appear and disappear without our noticing – until we need one.  A replacement usually materializes without much effort on our part. We take them for granted because they just always seem to be there. For lots of folks, though, that’s not the case. People like them need people like you. And that need is the perfect reason for you and your colleagues to invest your time and talents in team building for charity. Team Building For Charity: The True Meaning of Giving Backpacks, paper, pencils, scissors, calculators, three-ring binders, highlighters, rulers, staplers.  Every year, families stare at modest shopping lists like this wondering how they’ll get these items before their kids return to school. The items are few and the cost nominal, yet they’re well beyond the reach of thousands of struggling families.

Team building for charity is a golden opportunity for you and your colleagues to band together outside the politically charged walls of the office and focus less on your differences and more on what you each have in common with a deserving child: the desire for all of the financial and social benefits a good education can bring, a shot at professional success, and the chance to be a productive member of your community.

Consider a back-to-school-after-the-holidays campaign in which you stuff a few stockings with the school supplies students need when school reopens in January. Or what about underwriting a student for a whole semester  – books, school fees, supplies, and athletic equipment. The total investment would still be minimal if your whole team buys in, but the emotional and psychological payoff for the student could last a lifetime.

When it’s over, the relationships you develop with your teammates will impact the success of every project you undertake thereafter. Team building for charity creates a paradigm shift in relationships, work productivity, and general goodwill. It’s good for business and for team morale.