Team Building, Fun, and Stuffed Animals in Mettawa, IL

AbbVie Pharmaceuticals in Mettawa, IL was preparing to introduce a crucial new product into the market and they needed help getting their sales team on the same page with one another and the rest of the firm’s departments. We’d handled this sort of scenario before, so we were confident we could deliver.

AbbVieWe wanted to design a fast-paced workshop that would revitalize the team and help them get to know each other better ahead of the new product launch. We also wanted to help them reach a new and improved level of communication, a goal our facilitators (with the help of AbbVie!) achieved magnificently.

AbbVie’s Skill Building Proved to be a Boon for The United Way of Lake County

It’s been our experience that Rescue Buddies is truly a great workshop for everyone involved. It always offers ample growth opportunities for the participants, as well a meaningful donation to a great charitable organization. Fortunately, this came true with AbbVie and The United Way of Lake County as well. The folks from AbbVie came together wonderfully when they got to work building adorable stuffed animals for children.

In addition to helping the community, a Rescue Buddies Workshop tends to bring out the best in the participants. With the noble goal of helping children firmly in mind, team members root for one another and build a sense of unity that continues long after they finish the workshop. And it was obvious to us that this is exactly what happened with AbbVie.

A Smash Hit Workshop from Beginning to End

We staged the event at the AbbVie facility in Mettawa, IL for 45 of their team members, many of whom hadn’t worked together before. We broke the ice with a few mini-games to start off the morning, but these turned out to be even more beneficial than we planned, with everyone communicating well and having a great time.

Things were energetic and competitive right from the start. But the AbbVie teams competed with one another in a way that was clearly very productive, not ego driven. They laughed a lot and rooted for one another more and more as the day wore on. And the fantastic job they did during the morning activities was only a preamble to what they accomplished during the Rescue Buddies phase.

By the time the workshop was over, there were smiles and pats on the back everywhere. The AbbVie team that finished our workshop was different than the one that started it. Oh, and the United Way of Lake County got a big bunch of stuffed animals to help children even more.