Team Building in Education

When you work in the field of education, you face a special set of challenges unique to your profession. We know this because we’ve been creating team building workshops for educators for ever a decade now. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in all those years, it’s that teamwork really makes a difference for educators who want to see positive change.

With outward forces like new standards and mounting costs, educators feel the stress. Then there are the inner forces that combine to increase pressure: performance indicators and for some: parental concerns, increasing classroom size and dwindling resources.

Team Building in EducationWe Know the Education

Educators, whether they work in front of a classroom or behind a cubicle wall, face a unique blend of stress factors particular to their industry alone.

We know, from helping education professionals build better teams for over a decade. A strong sense of community, a trusted group of colleagues, and an open environment where creativity is encouraged: these are the building blocks of a strong team of educators.

Team Building for Education Professionals

It makes no difference if you’re in administration, the classroom, policy, research, or training: the skills you need to get ahead in education center around great teamwork. Our facilitators are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to their craft. The workshops we run are informed by research and experience, and delivered by talented professionals who love what they do- just like you!

Workshops are delivered via highly engaging, interactive modules created around your group’s goals. The techniques are proven to get everyone involved, for 100% participation in a stress-free environment that’s perfect for learning new skills.

Charity Team Building for Educators

You’re in education, so you already give back in so many ways. But charity workshops offer you a fresh new way to connect with the community. The more ways your team can build bridges and initiate positive change in the neighborhood, the stronger they become (as does your organization).

Of course every charity workshop is much more than time spent creating donations: it’s also a team-strengthening session that builds important skills for the workplace. Your group may be assembling bicycles, but to reach their goals, we make them jump through some skill-building hoops to get there!

It’s goal-oriented projects that focus the group’s attention on the giving that make our charity workshops so effective. By the end, you’ve built donations, strengthened team bonds, and built valuable bridges to your local community that will last for years.

Leadership Training for Educators

When it comes to leading in education, one of the key elements of success is the ability to lead across a diverse range of styles. Just like the population you serve, your teams are comprised of a wonderful diversity of styles: personalities, behavior, learning styles, and communication styles.

We teach advanced level communication in easy-to-digest modules designed to keep participants engaged. And, since every educator is in some way a type of leader, our leadership training works for all types of educators. From classroom educators to policy makers to the staff that support both groups, you all have an important part to play in the education of others.

We work with leaders to train them how to recognize, appreciate, and encourage a diversity of working styles. When everyone participates at work in the team atmosphere, everyone feels appreciated and valued- that means you’re doing your job as a leader.

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