Behavior and Education

Team Fusion Inspires Behavior and Education Leadership Team in El Segundo, CA

Magnovo’s customized workshops are the ideal solution where a company has a great team of individuals but they just need a little help in learning to work together more effectively, as was the case recently with Behavior and Education, Inc.

Behavior and EducationHelping the Helpers in El Segundo, CA

The leadership team of Behavior and Education, Inc., met at Hyatt House for Magnovo’s Team Fusion™ workshop. This is one of our most innovative team building programs. This group of seven develops and runs programs for families with children diagnosed with autism. Individually, their work is great! These are nice people, and they do enjoy working together, as well as meeting the challenges their day-to-day job responsibilities present to them. But the group is missing some cohesion. There’s a tendency of some of the team members to self-select into ‘camps’ around one or two strong personalities in the group. As with many companies, all could benefit from improved communication skills.

How is Team Fusion™ Unique?

Our Team Fusion™ workshops are customized to reflect the unique challenges faced by an organization. Not only to we assist teams with skill building in key areas, we share with folks a framework of behavior that they can hold onto and maintain long after the program is over. Our combination of classroom learning and associated activities reinforce key ideas, techniques, and solutions for lasting change and growth. Team Fusion™ elements include understanding how diverse personality styles work together toward shared goals. Participants also practice situational leadership skills, and learn when it’s important to follow. These are serious topics, to be sure, but workshops are a healthy combination of learning and fun.

Learning and Games Improve Leadership Skills at Behavior and Education, Inc.

The first part of our half-day custom workshop centered around Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Ideal Team Player.  We followed it up with Necessary Nine Practices,  concentrating on harnessing positive influence and effective conflict management. We played games that included Marble Track, Say What I Say, Air Counting, and Bridge Builders. Program goals included stronger communication skills, with a willingness to both share ideas, acknowledge and embrace others’ points of view. Activities emphasized how to move forward with solutions-based processes.

Working with a team dominated by firm personal friendship ties combined with professional expertise and dedication to the kids they serve meant that our Team Fusion™ program clicked with attendees right away. These folks were ready for professional development, understanding that sometimes guidance is necessary to cultivate group growth and change.