The Tennessee Department of Health Helps the Preston Taylor Club

When the Tennessee Department of Health wanted to improve the ability of its employees to work together well they called Magnovo to come carry out a Bike-a-Thon Charity Teambuilding program.

A Nashville, TN Bike-a-thon

Helping kids is a powerful motivator. And that held true for the 110 people who joined us one October day in Nashville, TN. We met the group at the local elementary school; this is the same site that the United Way uses as its operations center.  

While many of the folks didn’t already know each other, we opened the program with a few icebreakers, which made it easier once it was time to sort folks into several teams. This was a pretty friendly group; they all worked for the same state agency, although in different offices and in various roles. They were enthusiastic about helping local kids and eagerly awaited our first instructions.

The Tennessee Department of Health Gets to Work

We gave each team a bicycle frame and a box of tools. Some folks looked a little confused at first. We then explained that the teams would be competing for the rest of the parts needed to build a bicycle. Were they up to our goal of 2 dozen bikes that afternoon? Our games and challenges put some pressure on teams, and they quickly strategized about the best way to succeed. Folks pulled together, and by the end of the building part of our program, we had more than 2 dozen bicycles to share with kids in need!

New Bikes for the Preston Taylor Club

Nick Oldham, a representative of the Preston Taylor Club arrived on site to accept the donated bicycles. The Preston Taylor Club, located in Nashville, is part of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee. Mr. Oldham spoke to the group for a few minutes about the work his organization does, and how the bikes would help local kids. People clapped and cheered as Mr. Oldham finished his remarks, and thanked the group for their hard work. They were really proud of what they’d accomplished together through the Bike-a-Thon!

As we packed up the day’s supplies, several folks wrote notes and well wishes to the kids who’d be receiving the bicycles, and tied them onto the handlebars. We heard a lot of positive feedback from attendees. They were glad to have been a part of something that made a positive impact on their community.