The Corrpro Senior Sales Team Braves the Heat to Help Kids in Tulsa, OK (#16911 B)

This was a dual workshop we staged for 20 members of the Senior Sales Staff from Corrpro at the Holiday Inn in Tulsa, OK. Our facilitators had met with Corrpro management and everyone had decided that the best way to accomplish their teamwork goals was to run Bike-A-Thon and a Mission: Kids Care Workshop back to back. As it turned out, this was a stroke of genius, as you’ll see as we tell you how it all went once the teamwork juices started flowing.

CorrproNot Even the Challenge of a Double Workshop Could Prevent the Corrpro Team From the Tasks at Hand

We had no trouble getting Corrpro into the swing of our warm-up activities. As senior members of a top-notch sales team, the dedicated folks from Corrpro could see immediately that there was more than fun and games going on as we took them through the paces of activities like Flip the Cup, Air Counting, Say What I Say, and a raucous session of Octopus Pyramid. Their collective performance was so skilled and efficient that they just seemed to know intuitively that these games were designed with important teamwork goals in mind.

A little friendly competition between equals injected another dose of energy into the morning’s events, as the teams we created from the participants went all out to outdo one another and win the individual events. This was actually a lot of fun to watch, but the Corrpro teams’ ability to push their egos aside for the sake of shared goals was even more gratifying.

With A Worthy Cause Like the Parent Child Center of Tulsa, Motivation is Easy

Not surprisingly, the teams were able to keep this momentum going for the rest of the day’s events, including the parts earning and assembly stages. The Corrpro people actually became even more efficient as they wore on, most likely because by then they’d gotten to know one another’s strengths better. In any case, the end results were nothing short of spectacular, with several fantastic bikes and a few dozen well-stocked backpacks being donated to Tulsa children.

Of course, it certainly didn’t hurt that the proceeds from both the Bike-A-Thon and the Mission: Kids Care Workshop were going to a great organization like The Parent Child Center of Tulsa. Nothing transforms a team quite like contributing to something bigger than themselves. This was the kind of workshop that brings out the best in everyone involved in it.