UHY LLP Interns Help Farmington Mills, MI Kids Through Team-Building Bike-A-Thon™

There was snow on the ground in Farmington Hills, Michigan, where we met in the UHY LLP team on-site at the company’s office. We carried out a Bike-A-Thonfor accounting department interns to end a day of workshops and presentations.

A Little Healthy Competition

Flu season has come on strong, which made our ice breaker activity where members of the group hold hands a little awkward! But everyone took it in stride. We passed around the hand sanitizer and had a bit of a laugh about it afterward! The 30 attendees didn’t know each other in advance. They all worked at different UHY LLP offices. That said, this was a friendly group of college students who were eager to participate in the Bike-A-Thon.

Blending DiSC® and a Bike-A-Thon™

As part of the Bike-A-Thonopening, we briefly explored DiSC® personality styles. We talked about each of the four types, and how understanding DiSC® can lead to more productive work groups. Given that everyone was pursuing accounting , it was surprising to find that self­ assessments showed an even mix of Ds, Is, and Cs. Despite this, there were plenty of healthy S-type behavior on display. In fact, during one game, our popular Dice Banking activity, one young woman shouted, “l’m sooo not good at this!” And during Group Writing, someone observed astutely that lts hard to be a perfectionist in this game!” People picked up on the main ideas of DiSC® pretty quickly . That understanding definitely contributed to the success of the Bike-A-Thon.

Bikes for Boys and Girls Clubs in Farmington Hills, Ml

The representative of the Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan/Fauver-Martin Club charity arrived early. Because of that, we shortened the workshop. Some of our activities were modified on the fly to accommodate completion of the workshop while still making sure the bikes were finished. Jeannette Kwiatkowski of the Boys and Girls Club shared a little about the kids who will be receiving the bicycles. Everyone listened attentively. It was clear that this group was highly motivated by the desire to give back. Ms. Kwiatkowski could not stay long because of a scheduling issue at the Boys and Girls Club office. However, it was a meaningful part of the program to have her join the UHY LLP group, and everyone was clearly pleased by her attendance.