Using Charities as Team Building Projects

Using Charities as Team Building Projects

Using charities as team building projects can be particularly meaningful, pairing social responsibility with community benefit. Partaking in these team building projects can provide team members with a fresh perspective and allows them to use their many skills for the good of others.

Help Out a Homeless Shelter

This is one of the team building projects that can truly inspire your team members and teach them to work together for a cause. Contact a local homeless shelter to coordinate a day when the team members can go to the shelter and to determine the type of help that the shelter requires. Make sure your team members show up that day in clothing that they can get dirty. Don’t wear your dress shoes! Tasks that your team members will be partaking in can include cleaning the facility, decorating the facility, spot painting where necessary, replacing light bulbs, repairing furniture, or serving up food during meal time.

Feed the Kids

Team building projects come in a variety of forms, and one of these projects that can involve your team members with children is to make breakfast for a local school, particularly a school in a low-income area. Give your team members the task of making granola for the school’s breakfast program. Divide your team into smaller teams and provide them with the ingredients that they will need to make the granola: grains, nuts, sweeteners like honey or maple syrup, brown sugar, oil, salt, seeds, coconut, and dried fruits. You should also provide them with bags for the granola and fasteners.

Make this an opportunity for team members to learn better ways to function together by giving each team an allotted time during which to make as many bags of granola as they can. Different duties can be delegated and an assembly line approach can be used. The team that assembles the most bags in the designated timeframe is the winner, but really all of the team members and the school children will be winners when the bags of granola are delivered.

Using Charities as Team Building Projects

Visit an Animal Rescue Shelter

Team building projects don’t always have to focus on people. Let your team members indulge in a different type of project by finding a local animal shelter for them to visit for a day of work. Animal rescue shelters are almost always overwhelmed with animals and understaffed with people, and they are always receptive to receiving help from community members, especially businesses.

Contact a shelter and schedule a day and a time when your team can visit. Your team members will feel a sense of unity as they pitch in with various tasks, including dog walking, the cleaning out of cages, the washing down of surfaces, replenishment of food, dog house repairs, and any other task that the staff needs help with. Your team members will form a common bond, and they will appreciate the opportunity to pull together as a team to help their feathered and furry friends.

Team Building Projects that Serve the Community

Using team building projects that serve the community is a great way of uniting team members and pooling all of their skills to impact their community. As they work towards helping a charity, they will coordinate, communicate, brainstorm, and problem solve as a team to deliver the best that they can.