Verizon Gets a Little Help with Corporate Team Building Activities in Minneapolis

Corporate team building activities notwithstanding, any manager knows that one of the greatest perils in the workplace is when change is in the air.  The workflow gets disrupted, productivity goes way down and if you let it, so does morale.

That’s one of the many reasons people come to Charity Team Building Events: they want corporate team building activities which bring participants together so they can weather the storm of corporate change.  But when one Verizon Wireless manager approached Charity Team Building Events with goals for her team, she wanted first and foremost something which would benefit someone else!

Minneapolis team buildingOur Workshops Can Cover All Your Goals

During the initial consultation with the Verizon contact, we learned that the group had been going through a fair amount of change lately.  The contact indicated she’d love to tie that into the workshop theme as well.  Plus, she requested to focus on peer relationships, merging teams, and “think outside the box” activities.  Done!

Together, we chose the Wagon Builders Charity Team Building Workshop for this Verizon group.  Since participants would be assembling little red wagons for kids from the Ronald McDonald House, it fulfilled the group’s primary goal of fulfilling some corporate social responsibility for their company.

Secondly, the workshop was customized to include hands-on activities which involved strengthening collaboration skills as well as advanced communication skills.  Participants would work in teams and work together to overcome obstacles which required slick communication skills as well as creative collaboration techniques.

Here’s How it Went

The 55-member Verizon Wireless group was strategically divided into teams in order to break up natural groupings of co-workers who worked side-by-side every day.  This facilitated cohesion, in the long run.  To get teams feeling comfortable with each other and to break the ice, the workshop began with the activity “Air Counting”.   This also ensured that teams were able to follow instructions.

The next activity was designed to determine team leaders, who played central roles throughout the rest of the workshop.

Navigating the Minefield of Change with Corporate Team Building

The minefield activity module become a wonderful metaphor for the corporate change the group was experiencing back at work.  The facilitator taped off a square on the ground.  The leaders selected an “agile” team member and waited in the hallway. The group participants then helped by placing some school supplies on the floor inside the square thus creating a minefield.

The leaders then blindfolded the agile participant and re-entered the room.  The leaders were then instructed to navigate the agile person though the article by using only words and not touching the participant. The entire group got into the fun of this game, yelling instructions at the participants.

After the agile participants navigated the minefield, then they blindfolded the leaders who also navigated the minefield.   That led into a discussion about the similarities between the minefield and change management – a perfect corporate team building activities moment!

We all need a friend/mentor/coach/leader to help us, while we need to be that friend/mentor/coach/leader to someone else.  Teamwork: Check!