Wheelcharity™ Goes Global in Orlando with Teleflex

Our Wheelcharity™ Wheelchair Team Building Program Goes Global in Orlando Florida with Teleflex

We love it when Charity Team Building Events gets to go global and help team members come together from far corners of the world. That’s what took place when Teleflex chose us for their team building charity workshop in Orlando, Florida this winter.

Wheelcharity-Goes-Global-in-Orlando-with-TeleflexOver 30 executives traveled the globe to get to Orlando Florida and participate in our Wheelcharity™ Team Building Event. In this case, there were 6 wheelchairs assembled and donated …the receiving organization was Wheels for the World, an organization based in the UK which distributes much-needed wheelchairs to impoverished individuals who need them desperately. Many of the wheelchairs go to people in Africa.

A Strong Charitable Message Made for Some Intense Team Building

We know it’s true from years of watching the magic happen, but it warms our hearts to see it again and again. Sure enough, the unifying factor of helping those less fortunate proved to be a magical bond once again. Our 30 Teleflex execs really put their “all” into workshop activities.

They earned their wheelchair parts, put their heads together to solve puzzles, and learned new ways to communicate. All the hands-on activities led towards a single goal of breaking down barriers that exist so easily across international borders and time zones. Wheelchairs were constructed, communication was achieved, and a good time was had by all!

A Customized, International Theme for Teleflex

We tailor every workshop to the participants and their company. This time even the receiving charity was 100% fitting, mirroring the international group we had for the workshop. Wheelchairs destined for Africa brought to light the global nature of giving, which in turn reflected the global nature of the Teleflex company.

An understanding of people with a disability is always a key feature of the charitable aspect of Wheelcharity™ but in this case there was an added dimension: developed countries take it for granted that people with mobility challenges will somehow get what they need to become mobile (either through a governmental agency or private foundations). However, in underdeveloped countries, that isn’t always the case. The need for wheelchair donations like the one we made today is even more urgent.

That’s why the Teleflex WheelCharity™ Team Building Workshop has such a large impact on participants…they’re really making a vital difference in the world! It’s companies like Teleflex that truly make the world a better place- we’re just glad Charity Team Building Events could be a part of it!