Worldpay Does Their Part, Giving Back in Atlanta

Early Fall is still pretty hot in Atlanta, but we made our way out to the Renaissance Midtown Atlanta Hotel this past September for a workshop with Worldpay. The amazing hotel and the wonderful group soon made us forget how hot and humid it was outside.

We Got Started With Ice Breakers

Worldpay Icebreakers serve to warm up a diverse group (or a reserved one) and help lay a foundation of calm and relaxation. That sets the scene for trust, bonding, and some good old-fashioned team building as well.

This group from Worldpay was one of the more energetic we’ve worked with: and certainly one of the most competitive (in a friendly way, of course!). They were ready for action and ready to dole it out to one another on the activities where they competed against other teams. Lots of leaders in this group!

The ice breakers, followed by team-building activities, included:

Say What I Say
Air Counting
Circuit Ball
John, John
Blindfold Backpack Fill

Filling Backpacks for Kids

The timing was perfect for a Mission: Kids Care charity workshop. It was back-to-school season, and kids always need tons of school supplies when they head back for the new year. Our ‘Mission: Kids Care’ workshop has teams filling backpacks with everything kids need to start their year out right.

The Worldpay group worked like crazy in pairs to fill 35 backpacks. The scene was definitely one that could be characterized as “organized chaos”! It was incredible to see so much energy given out to filling the packs. These leaders were certainly putting some “walk” behind their “talk” about giving back and being part of the community!

School Backpacks Were Given to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter

One of the best things about our charity workshops is that groups get to form bridges with their local community. Worldpay was able to make some lasting connections when the charitable organization sent out a rep to meet the group during the final phase of the workshop.

The rep’s name was Barry, and we have to say thank you to Barry for not only presenting the group with a wonderful presentation but also staying afterward to talk with the people who had questions. All in all, it was one of our favorite workshops this summer- backpacks were filled, team leaders did some great collaboration, and community bridges were built. That’s a triple-play win for everyone!